NAME: Amy Flower - aka Flumpf
BIO: Amy has been a big videogame fan and massive LEGO fan since, ooh, about birth.

As LEGO Dimensions banged two of her favourite things together, this is her little fan site for it. You may find it handy, you may not. Obviously she hopes that you do.

OK, enough of the third-person stuff...

Plans are afoot to expand with more useful stuff when I have the time. I have to work to be able to afford all of these wonderful toys!

Also, for any legal types who may be reading this, in case the words "fan site" weren't specific enough, I'd just like to state that this site is in no way affiliated with LEGO, WB Games, or any of their mums, dads, assorted other family members, pets, postmen or miscellaneous.

So anyway, if you like DIMENSIONED then yay, and thank you! If you happen to like my writing, please check out my games review website GAMESBLIP, or my games, movie and TV writing in JB Hi-Fi's STACK magazine (available online here), or my movie and TV stuff in Blockbuster Interaction. Yes, I write for some quite wonderful free publications.

That would have been a fairly cruddy way to end this giant lump of text, so, umm, please have fun getting DIMENSIONED! Yes, that'll do...

Graphic design
Building LEGO
Making my own LEGO creations, which I'm unable to take good enough photos of for the fussy folk at LEGO Ideas  :(
Watching movies
Watching TV
Playing videogames (with or without a space in the middle)
Listening to music (Pixies are touring again - WOO!)
Collecting way too much pop culture ephemera
Super Mario Bros Sensei for Fnubby San
Listing all sorts of stuff that nobody really cares about...


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