POSTED 7/10/16

Way back in the Wave One days we started freaking out at having groovy LEGO Dimensions stuff scattered all over the place. So we sat down at our LEGO desk and set about building a stand to get some neatness happening.

Not only does this stand hold 32 LEGO Dimensions characters and/or accessories, it also fits very neatly into a square of Ikea's Kallax or Expedit shelving units (as the image above attests).

When we posted the original version on Twitter the official @LegoDimensions people and many others loved it. Hopefully you will too, especially as we've improved it since then.

So, after much faffing with LDD, Photoshop and InDesign we've created PDF instructions and a parts list so that you can build your own.

Bricklink.com is a really good place to get hold of bricks that you may not have. If you have trouble getting hold of part number 6235, each one can be substituted with six of part number 2456. Obviously you can also make it in any colour that you wish. We just had a Batman vibe going on when we made ours...



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