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POSTED 21/10/15

Ooh, ooh mash it up!

Building a LEGO set then cannibalising it into a mad mashup is exactly what it’s all about. LEGO know this, and embrace it in this ‘toys to life’ game.

IPs (deep breath) The Simpsons, Doctor Who, DC Comics, The Wizard of Oz, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Scooby-Doo!, Jurassic World, The Lord of the Rings, classic Midway arcade games, genius puzzler Portal 2 and LEGO’s own such as Chima, Ninjago and The LEGO Movie are banged together in a celebration of creativity.

The result? A bunch of levels themed on these properties, with other worlds randomly invading. We were getting our BttF on when Mr Plow – that name again is Mr Plow - wormholed in then disappeared as quickly as he’d arrived. This can be a very funny game, from people who really understand the properties that they’re playing with. Just wait until you see The LEGO Movie Batman and DC Comics’ Batman having a slap fight!

The story is that evil (duh!) Lord Vortech wants control of the LEGO multiverse. To gather the requisite stuff he enlists villains from all over, be they Daleks, the Joker’s henchmen or flying monkeys. He also kidnaps Metalbeard, Robin and Frodo. Their respective mates Wyldstyle, Batman and Gandalf – the three minifigs that come with the game - aren’t impressed, so they get their hero on.

Gameplay’s similar to typical LEGO outings, however LEGO Dimensions’ USB-connected base isn’t just a receptacle for expensive toys. Instead, it’s an interactive receptacle for expensive toys! You may need to paint onscreen characters to match lights on the portal, or get all colour theory to concoct purple and orange. It adds a whole new level of engagement.

It’s expensive, not just initially but for the myriad extra packs, many of which are needed to unlock extra content. Still, at least if you ever tire of the game you can chuck all the bits into your LEGO collection!


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