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POSTED 15/11/16

It’s time to shout “Algebraic!” and all those other Adventure Timey meme words, ’cos one of the Cartoon Network’s most righteous has hit LEGO Dimensions with a bang. Ooo!

Shmowzow, it’s a LEGO Finn the Human! Aww, look at the cute little guy, backpack and all. Much cooler than those brick-built figures that are supposed to be on their way to LEGO Ideas because, like, minifigure!

While best buddy and adoptive bro Jake’s off hanging with Lumpy Space Princess (like, what-everrr...) in a Team Pack, he’s still here – whoa, multidimensional! - in the form of the Jakemobile, which is pretty cool for a car that only has two wheels. The other build is the bizarre-o Ancient (Psychic Tandem) War Elephant which, umm, has a few handy exclusive parts in it. There are 102 LEGO bits officially, but as usual the Danish block purveyors are nice and give us some extras of the teensy losable bits here and there.

With Adventure Time into its seventh season and several hundred episodes having already flown by, obviously there’s no way that the LEGO Dimensions peeps – as clever as they are - could ever squish everything into one Level Pack. Heck, a Story Pack wouldn’t even begin to cover it (but would, of course, have been ultimately awesome).

What they have done though – as well as lovingly recreating the look of the show - is give Finn some super-sweet abilities, with a wheel thing on which you can pick various types of arrow pointy goodness, including the exclusive ‘Cursed red LEGO objects’ skill and ‘Sword switch’ functionality.

The story pulls from a couple of episodes, involving proving your heroicness to Princess Bubblegum (why no minifigure? Why? Why?! WHY?!?!), as you traverse everything from the forest of Mount Cragdor to the Dark Magician’s Brain World and way beyond. Oh, and whoa! Giant troll alert!

It may be the second of the Year Two Level Packs that we’ve reviewed, but this Adventure Time one is the first as far as awesomeness goes. Which, of course, is mathematical!


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