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POSTED 12/11/16

Tom, it’s time for you to come out of the closet...

What? You didn’t think we’d break out the old, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it” shtick, did you? Give us a little more credit!

One of the first two LEGO Dimensions Year Two Level Packs drops us into the espionage-packed world of the Mission: Impossible movies. Or, more specifically, the first of them from back in 1996.

Ooh, minifigure-wise we get a little Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, complete with stern expression and (on one side of his head) a little printed head microphone (and stern expression). Otherwise, he just holds one of those blocks that are binoculars one minute, a siren or exhaust pipes the next.

Ethan’s motorbike is an OK little build, while his white car is quite reminiscent of the Spy Hunter car from the Midway Arcade Level Pack. Not the greatest brickular work from the LEGO Dimensions crew, but they make up for it with...

As is TT Games’ talent, they take a whole movie, cut out all the boring bits, add in some very fun humour and leave us with, in this case, a couple of hours of super-fun LEGO spy games.
Those who’ve seen the first Mission: Impossible flick will be on familiar ground here – and yes, the iconic Tom Cruise as human teabag dangling while avoiding security lasers scene is here and totally playable.

Meanwhile, Ethan Hunt has a handful of completely unique LEGO Dimensions abilities, including solving fuse box puzzles (aping the introduction of the classic M:I TV series) and magna gloves, which allow him to climb metal things. By far the coolest though is a natty ‘scan disguise’ ability, where he can scan another character and become their doppelganger, allowing for access to parts that would otherwise result in sirens blaring and guns a-pointing.

So, your mission, should you choose to accep- DAMN! Erm, would you believe this review will self-destruct in five seconds?


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