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POSTED 1/11/16

Nowadays if there’s something strange in your neighbourhood it could be all manner of things.

But way back when it was most likely something ghostly. This first of the LEGO Dimensions Year Two Story Packs takes the rather funny newer Ghostbusters movie, injects it with all manner of blockiness and TT Games humour (a Spinal Tap gag nearly made us wee a little bit) and delivers one of the most enveloping LD experiences yet.

To help get into the spirit (sorry) of the movie, there’s a whole new portal build included, a version of the new Ghostbusters’ initial HQ, Zhu’s Chinese restaurant – complete with sliding doors! Meanwhile, you get a car! And you get a car! And YOU get a car! Yes, there’s a mini ECTO-1 Mk2 (which provides much fodder for in-game gags), and a single playable character in Melissa McCarthy’s Abby Yates.

While the portal decoration may be a bit superfluous, it adds a little to immersion, and when you’re done you have some handy bits to add to your LEGO collection. Although more printed pieces and less stickers would have been nice.

Following the action-packed bits of the movie’s script, with most of the original cast doing their voice thing, while you only have one physical character in Abby Yates, she does a four way split in-game so all four new Ghostbusters, each with their own abilities, are available. They cover everything needed to compete the basic story of saving Manhattan from ghostly gremmies, but naturally you’ll need a raft of other LEGO Dimensions characters to snaffle all the bonus bricks – and to help rescue the trapped Paul Feig (the movie’s writer/director) in each level. Beware, BTTF fans...

It’s almost the equivalent of a standalone LEGO game, but with only a piddly three trophies. There’s even plenty to do in the hub world after completing the main event. Then there’s the new portal-using puzzle element, ‘rip’. Move your real world Abby to travel to different dimensions in-game and retrieve blocks to build into useful stuff in your normal timeline.

Many shunned the movie thinking it some sort of slight on the original (or they couldn’t deal with chicks as Ghostbusters – “Ain’t no bitches gonna hunt no ghost.”) This initial Story Pack captures all the ectoplasmic spectre-splatting fun of the entire franchise, offers plenty of value both in the real world and onscreen and is just plain fun.

Isn’t that what playing games is all about? We who know who we’re gonna call...


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